White Fang by Jack London – Book Review


White Fang by Jack London – Book Review

Ages 10 and up

271 pages

White Fang’s a 3/4th wolf and 1/4th dog who is born in the wild. His mother’s a half wolf – half dog who was initially raised by humans and his father’s a complete wild wolf. At the beginning White Fang is raised in the wild by his mother. He learns about all the wild ways of the forest where you need to be hard and wild to survive. While growing up in the wild he has his first encounter with humans in the woods.

One of the humans Gray Beaver recognizes his mother, so he takes both, White Fang and his mother home with him. Here White Fang learns all about living with humans and that it’s important to respect and be loyal to humans. He gets really close to his master, Gray Beaver. Then one day he’s suddenly sold by his master to a man, Beauty Smith, in exchange for many bottles of whisky.

This man doesn’t plan to take care of White Fang as a pet, because he plans to use White Fang as a fighting dog to raise money. The worst part of White Fang’s life is spent with Beauty Smith, as he tortures him and makes him fight a lot of animals whom White Fang defeats. However, he eventually finds his way into the hands of a new kind master Weedon Scott, who takes good care of him.

White Fang by Jack London is one of the best books ever written. Jack London uses his unique style of writing to describe the animals and their surrounding in a very interesting manner. He describes it so well that you can imagine the beautiful surroundings in your mind and it’s so beautiful that you want to visit it.

White Fang shows you both the cruel and kind nature of humans and how hard it can be for a wild animal to adapt to humans and their way of life. It shows the life of a dog or a pet from the point of view of the dog. If you like animals, especially dogs you have to read this book. It’s a more serious book, compared to the regular fun and friendly animal books.

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  • Leeann Mccullough

    this is a good book and i didnt even read it

    • Thank you for your comment Leeann. – Mitt

  • Hippieat8

    I would never let a ten year old read this… very good book, but also extremely violent

  • Abby

    i throght the violence was approite

  • Randall Shephard

    I am so thrilled that my ten year old son is reading this. Any narrow minded people who wouldn’t let a ten year old read such a classic should look around in this world and see all of the violence that our children are surrounded with every day. From tv to video games that we all let them use for entertainment, right down to the world outside. There is violence everywhere. Our kids are going to be in touch with it throughout their lives. As such, there is no reason to keep them from reading classic literature. At least they are reading. It brings me great joy that my son wants to read. I think it’s great that my son is reading a book that I fell in love with when I was his age.