Jack the Homework Eater: Print Version Available Now

Jack the Homework Eater by Mitt Ray

Have you heard about Jack the Homework Eater? Would you like to learn everything about him?

You can do so by reading the book Jack the Homework Eater which is now available in print.

Here’s the synopsis:-

Alex is scared of dogs. He gets really angry with his parents, when they adopt a British Bulldog called Jack. He tries his best to avoid Jack the Bulldog. But then he learns a secret about Jack. He learns that Jack is no ordinary dog, Jack’s a homework eater. This special ability of Jack to eat homework helps him earn Alex’s affection.

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Before, you could only read it on a digital device like an e-reader or a PC, but now the print version of the book is available on Amazon and anybody can buy and read it. You can buy it by visiting the pages below…

From Amazon USA

From Amazon UK

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