How to Come up With Fantastic Story Ideas

How to Come up With Fantastic Story Ideas

Whether you’re writing a short story, a novel, a book or an article, you always need a good story idea. A good story idea is the basic necessity of writing anything. An idea will help you plan your writing and write an attention grabbing headline which will help you continue and finish writing an amazing story or article.

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with good story ideas, but by trying out the tips below it can become really easy to come up with good story ideas which can be used in the present and the future. These tips and tricks have helped me come up with many ideas for all the stories, books, articles and novels I have written.

Tips to come up with good story ideas:-

Brainstorm Continuously: When you brainstorm for ideas, do it without thinking. The best way to generate ideas is to do it continuously, without stopping the flow. Our minds work in two phases, one of them is the creative phase and the other is the controlling phase. In the creative phase you create ideas, plans, etc. In the controlling phase your mind checks to see if the ideas you have created are good enough or if they need to be discarded.

The creative phase is sometimes known as writing with the heart and the controlling phase is sometimes known as writing with the head or mind.

So when you create ideas it’s best to create them with your heart continuously instead of controlling them with your head; as when you start controlling it, the number of good ideas you get will be limited. So create the ideas freely without making any effort to control it. Think up as many ideas as you can and write them down, even if some of them aren’t good enough and after you finish writing all of them, fish out the good ones from the bad ones – go for quantity and use the quality ideas you get from this quantity and leave out the bad ones.

Look For Inspiration: There’s inspiration all around you. Next time you go anywhere, pay close attention to your surrounding and look for ideas. You can also read books, poems, blogs, watch movies and TV shows – You can generate some really good ideas from these sources. So next time you go outside or do something entertaining make sure you pay close attention to every detail as it will help you get some really good ideas.  But make sure not to use the same ideas, as this could lead to plagiarism. Also repeating ideas and stories can bore readers.

Carry a Tiny Book and Pen: Carry a tiny book (a large book if you prefer) or a piece of paper and a pen wherever you go. You never know when a good idea will strike you and when it strikes, you should immediately make a note of it because you might forget it over time.

Keep a pen and paper on your night stand: Dreams are unique and creative in their own way. Every night when you go to bed you dream of something unique in a free world. As a writer you need to make use of your dreams. From a unique fantasy dream you could create a fantasy story, from a nightmare you could write a horror story, etc. If you want to remember dreams, you need to make sure you write them down as soon as you wake up. So keep a pen and paper right beside your bed and write down everything you dream.

These are a few tips which should help you get some good ideas for your stories, books, articles, etc.

Hope you find the above tips helpful. How do you come up with new ideas? Do you use any special techniques and tricks? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.

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  • Lm Preston

    I look at history channel, stories of survivals, medical miracles and get out explore places and people.

  • coolwriter6k0b9s7l7

    The more you read, the better you write. I suggest reading a lot, it’ll make you a better writer because you are familiar with other works. Also, if you want to write science fiction, read science fiction. If you want to write horror, read horror. typically, your best writing genre is the one that you read the most.

    • Hi Coolwriter,

      That’s a great point – reading does help. Like you mentioned it also does provide inspiration.

      Thank you so much for your comment. – Mitt