5 Cartoons Kids Will Always Enjoy Watching


5 Cartoons Kids Will Always Enjoy Watching

Kid’s cartoons like Teletubbies and Pingu are a great invention. Whoever came up with the idea that kids will really enjoy watching animation filled with colours and characters that make the same sounds as them, is a genius.

I grew up watching some of these cartoons when I was really young and I really enjoyed them, even now when I look at some of these cartoons, they still make me happy. They’re so funny to look at. It’s also fun watching kids while they try to imitate the characters movements and sounds.

Below is a list of some of the best Kids cartoons:-

1. Pingu

Pingu is a young penguin who lives in the cold Antarctic with his parents and his little sister. His family lives in a community of other penguin families. The story mainly follows the life of Pingu as he goes around the ice and cold getting himself into trouble. He is normally joined by his sister Pinga and his friend Robby the seal.

It’s a very entertaining cartoon. The best part is that the penguins speak their own language. They just make some sounds and communicate with each other through these sounds and movements. Children who are still learning to talk will enjoy this hilarious cartoon. So will older kids and adults.

Watch the video below:-

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2. Teletubbies

Twinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po are the Teletubbies.  They live in a unique home which is filled with unique playful appliances. This home is surrounded by fields and hills which are busting with greenery. The weather is always beautiful here. The Teletubbies roam this gorgeous land in this beautiful weather, dancing and playing games.

This show is really fun to watch for really young kids. It’s full of colour which kids enjoy and the movements and sounds the Teletubbies make are extremely simple. Once kids start watching the show you will see them dance and try to imitate the movements and sounds of the Teletubbies. This is a show which has been perfectly made for young kids.

Watch the video below:-

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3. Shaun the Sheep

The stage is set in a farm where there is a farmer, a sheep dog, some sheep, chickens, cows and other farm animals. The main character is Shaun a young sheep. The story follows all his adventures while he interacts with the other sheep and the sheep dog who is a really close friend of his.

This show is made for kids. Everybody from the farmer to the sheep, do not speak any proper language. They just communicate through sounds and actions. It’s extremely entertaining as the sheep and the dogs behave like humans in their animal form. The show can also be seen from an educative angle, as it shows the day to day running of a farm.

Both adults and kids will really enjoy watching this funny and entertaining cartoon.

Watch the video below:-


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4. The Pink Panther

The show follows the life of Pink Panther and other characters like the Ant and the Aardvark, the inspector, the Dogfather and a few other characters. The show mainly revolves around pink panther who is a pink coloured panther going around performing his daily activities. Every simple activity he performs lands him into a lot of trouble which is just hilarious to watch.

This is a really cute and funny show for both children and adults. The pink panther is mute and normally conveys his message through actions. But the other characters speak and give the show some direction. It’s a very funny show which will make you laugh your heart out and will keep you coming back for more.

Watch the video below:-

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5. Tom and Jerry

Tom’s a cat and Jerry’s a mouse. Both of them live in the same house where Jerry’s a pest and he steals food from the owners and its Tom’s job as the cat to catch him. Tom spends every day troubling and chasing Jerry. Tom enjoys chasing Jerry and Jerry enjoys being chased too. In fact Jerry sometimes provokes Tom and encourages him to chase him.

Occasionally when both of them face a problem that is troubling both of them, they get together and solve the problem together as friends.

This is one of the best cartoons ever. The animation is fantastic and has been enjoyed by both children and adults over the decades. It’s so good that it never gets old and it keeps you coming back for more and more. You never get bored even if you have watched the episodes hundreds of times. This is a must watch cartoon for everybody. I highly recommend it.

Watch the video below:-


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Do you or have you enjoyed watching any of the above shows? What are your favourite cartoons?

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  • Rakata_wibowo

    my daughter kaurin 10 (month) loves pingu so much and always laugh everytimes she watching this cartoon

    • Hi Rakata – That’s great. It’s a very cute and entertaining cartoon. I enjoy watching it too. – Mitt